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Breastfeeding Your Twins


    What a Multi-Tasker! 
Congratulations on your consideration to breastfeed twins!  Here are some recommendations you might find helpful:


        1.  If bed rest is indicated, you may feel depressed and helpless
                    * Ask for help from  family and friends.
                    * Try to stay busy be reading up on childbirth, infant care and    
                      breastfeeding topics       
                    * Go online or rent CD's on these topics
                    * Request a childbirth educator to come to your home and              
                      give private lessons in these areas or secure permission from      
                      your doctor to attend classes

        2.  Good nutrition is crucial
                    * Instead of 3 big meals a day, eat many small nutritious meals,  
                    * Eliminate "empty calorie" foods, such as chips and soda
                    * A weight gain double of that of a single pregnancy is not ususal 

        3.  Line up extra help for when the babies are born
                    * Find help from those who are supportive of your choices

        4.  Learn about expressing your milk
                    * Talk to a breastfeeding  specialist about quality breastpumps
                    * For the first few days after birth, it is normal not to produce     
                      large quantities of milk.  After 3-4 days you will usually see a  
                      dramatic increase 
                    * Expressing milk is a learned art. The more you practice, the     
                      more milk you will be able to express

        5.  Attend a breastfeeding class to learn the basics and set up a 
             support network


        1.  Breastfeeding contracts the mother's uterus, speeding up childbirth

        2.  Ensures the mother will spend lots of time every day holding the
             babies, which promotes feelings of closeness and bonding

        3.  Saves 8-10 hours a week
                    *  No formula to buy or prepare
                    *  Can feed the babies simultaneously

        4.  Hormones released during breastfeeding relax the mother

        5.  Human milk, the perfect food, also provides the babies with
             immunities to illness  

        6.  Mother's milk is immediate, no waiting while babies cry and    
            formula is warmed

        7.  Substantial financial savings.....$1,500 during the babies first year


        1. Breastfeed early and often after birth.  The more you feed, the more
            milk you will produce
                    * If separated from the babies, pump your milk as often as you  
nurse (8-12 times in 24 hours)
                    * When in the hospital, if the babies in the nursery for any of their
                       stay, ask for them to be brought to you for ALL feedings

        2. Avoid bottles and pacifiers in the early weeks
                    *May cause nipple preferences and interfere with mother's            
                     milk supply

        3. Babies can feed simultaneously or separately
                    * In the beginning, separately may be easier
                    * Simultaneous nursing becomes easier as the babies become
                      older and more practiced at latching on
                    *Simultaneous nursing can also increase your milk production

        4.  Use a nursing pillow,designed for twins, to support the babies at
             breast height

        5.  If nursing together, get  first baby latched on properly and then
             go on  to the next one

        6.  Try many different holds to see what works best for you 

      Parallel Position
     Double Football

          Chris Cross

        7.  Good latch on technique is important to avoid sore nipples

        8.  Ordinarily, the mother may offer the fullest (heaviest) breast to      
             the baby wanting to be fed

        9.  Both babies need to get different breasts so their eyes are    
             stimulated optimally

        10. In the early days, mothers can count the wet diapers and bowel
              movements to make sure the babies are getting enough.  Counts    
vary depending on age

        11. Growth spurts may mean an increase in nursing for several days
                    * Spurts occur at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months

        12.  For some, regular formula supplements can contribute to lowering  
               the mother's milk supply

                    * During the first month there may be nipple preference for the
                      baby and nipple soreness for the mother
                    * Mothers are more susceptible to breast infections
                    * Water supplements are not needed
                    * Solids given at night, when the baby is older have not been
                      proven to eliminate night waking

        13.  For nipple confused babies:
                    * Mother may simultaneously nurse both babies, so the baby with     
                      the most effective suck will stimulate letdown, encouraging the  
                      sibling to suck and swallow correctly


        1.  Try nursing the baby in a side laying position

        2.  If sitting up, get comfortable first, then use pillows for support

        3.  Wake the other baby for nursing, after the first is finished, so
             mother gets a longer stretch of uninterrupted sleep

        4.  Twins may sleep better if put in one crib, touching each other

        5.  To make the night feeding easier, families can consider using
sleeper, so mother has an easy access to the babies