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Nancy's Lactation Bio


  "Where have I been?  Where am I going?"
I was one of our Island's first breastfeeding counselors, in my role as a childbirth   educator.  For 18 years, it was my job to follow up with all our birthing mothers 
and give support and advice for their breastfeeding efforts.  We established a 
strong grassroots movement and watched as breastfeeding was embraced by the medical community, eventually becoming a medical specialty.  

    More and more mothers began to consider breastfeeding as the optimal way to 
feed their babies and, as lead educator for Maui Childbirth, I developed and began teaching our Island's first breastfeeding classes.  

    I hold the distinction of being Maui's very first credentialed lactation specialist.  
I did my training at UCLA in 1993.

    Once back on Maui, I worked with the Maui Childbirth program to open our 
State's first breastfeeding clinic.  There, we saw mothers who had just given birth and assisted them with resolution of their breastfeeding problems and adjustments.  We also provided support equipment and supplies.

    In 1996, I opened Breastfeeding Services of Maui.  Instead of mothers coming to an office environment, I began bringing lactation services into the mothers home. This was and still is a very important part of my program.  Breastfeeding Services 
of Maui invented "one stop" lactation services and I still lecture on this topic today.  

    2005 brought still more changes.  I added Breastfeeding Services of Maui under the umbrella of Valley Isle Childbirth Education, LLC, and opened my teaching 
center in Wailuku.  This allowed me to offer office appointment consultations, as well as home consultations.  Valley Isle Childbirth also gave our community a teaching space to offer our breastfeeding classes in a central location. A storefront was added with all our breast pumps, breastfeeding supplies, and infant care supplies.

    With still more changes in 2012, Breastfeeding Services of Maui moved Upcountry where we still provide classes and supplies.  This was the year I introduced SKYPE computer counseling to our lactation program, and was the first and only lactation specialist to offer this service.  I then added "Breast Pump Orientation" sessions and "Welcome Home Baby" home visits to our schedule.

    Known to some of my families as the "breast lady", I stay committed to educating 
and supporting new mothers with their breastfeeding experience. I certainly don't see myself as the "new kid on the block".  I bring with me over 35 years of experience in helping my breastfeeding families become successful in meeting    their goals.

    I think my best qualification in becoming a lactation specialist is that I have successfully nursed both of my children.  This was at a time when breastfeeding 
was not the "norm" as it is today.  I understand the new stresses new mothers experience today.  This understanding allows me to help guide them through going back to work or even making the transition into Day Care a better experience for their breastfed baby.

    I encourage all expectant mothers to strongly consider breastfeeding their babies.  It is the very best way to begin your baby's life and give them lifelong gifts of improved health and security.  I hope to be with you every step of the way, from pregnancy through weaning.